Why Limousin?


Limousin Breed Traits

Limousin cattle are a French breed, originating from the Marche and Limousin regions. They haven't remained trapped on French soil however, as over 70 different countries are now home to the breed.

Beef from Limousins are held in quite high esteem. Their carcasses have up to 80% meat yields in some cases! The ratio of good beef to waste products like bone and fat is excellent. They also have good marbling quality, making for great tenderness. Dressing percentages are, on average, about 58-63% in Limousin crosses; a good 5% higher than the average in other breeds! It's also very low in saturated fats! This adds to its marketability in the health-conscious society of today's world.

Many farmers praise the Limousin breed for its efficiency in converting feed to weight at a slightly thriftier rate than some other breeds.

Limousins calve very easily, without major complications as birthing weight is quite low. This is especially attractive for farmers who worry about the tricky business of calving, particularly if there's only one person on hand to assist the cow on small farms.

Limousin is Leaner with substantially lower fat content then Choice beef usually found in supermarkets. And that means a lot less calories (and saturated fat). Taste you'll love and your waist will too. Make it Limousin.

University research rates Limousin above its competition in tenderness and juiciness without all the fat usually found in other Choice beef. Limousin-tender full of flavor and healthy.

Is it possible for beef to be lean and yet still be tender and full of flavor? The answer to that question with Limousin is YES! Recent research conducted by Iowa State University which compared Limousin beef to other Choice beef in five different categories showed that the Limousin beef ranked above its competition in tenderness juiciness, and was found to be equal in flavor and overall palatability. This is great news for red meat eaters who want beef that tastes good (Limousin does!), but don't want the large amounts of fat commonly found in Choice cuts of beef (Limousin doesn't).

Limousin are a breed of cattle with a 20,000 year history of producing lean, low-fat beef. Their heritage can be traced back to ancient cave drawings near the Limoges region of France . . . which is their native homeland . . . depicting animals of much the same conformation and color as the modernday Limousin. Initially imported to America in 1968, Limousin has grown to become the Continental Breed of Choice in the United States, thanks largely to their natural genetic ability to "trim the fat." Limousin cattle can now be found in every state in the Union and numerous foreign countries.

If you like beef, you'll love Limousin. It's lean, tender, full of flavor and healthy!


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