Jim and his father Marvin Anderson started buying and raising Limousin beef in the early 80's.  Marvin, by trade, was a meat cutter for Thrifty Foods in Arlington for many years. He fell in love with the Limousin breed after going to a butchers' conference in Canada where the breed was first introduced from France.  Marvin, at 85 years of age is, to this day, out feeding the cattle every morning.  He is known all around the county for hauling cattle for farmers and ranchers.  He is up at the Everson Livestock Auction yard at least four times each week hauling cattle one way or the other.

Jim was born and raised in Stanwood, and started with livestock at an early age in FFA at Stanwood High School. He got into the electrical trade in the 80's and currently is working for a large company out of Redmond, WA as a commercial electrician.  As soon as he gets home, on go the rubber boots, and he starts in on the many chores of running a beef cattle operation. You will find him out in the fields tending the cows, mending fences, repairing barns, or managing hay production activities.  This is his passion and he strives to bring an excellent product to your dinner plate.   

Jim and his wife Amy were able to purchase a 74 acre farm in Stanwood just five minutes from downtown Stanwood on the Boe Road. Jim and Amy have been working to get the farm back into working order and the house sound. Their two boys, Ryan and Jacob, attend Stanwood High School, and help out around the farm with various chores.  Both boys are involved in 4-H and FFA. They raise livestock for the local fairs and shows in the area. Ryan has had several Grand Champion Limousin Steers through the years. 

We work hard to provide an excellent product for you and your family. Thank you for considering Triple A to satisfy your beef needs.


Jim and Marvin Anderson

Father and Son working together to produce great beef!