"I'd not heard of the Limousin breed of cattle before Triple A introduced it to me. I always thought beef was beef, how wrong I was. Every bite is consistently lean, tender and tasty. The people at Triple A Cattle Company are some of the hardest working, genuine, honest Americans and are passionate about the quality of their products. When you buy beef from Triple A, you are not only experiencing a great cut of beef, you're supporting a local business doing great things."  M.P. Issaquah,WA.


"We bought a 1/4 of beef and are so happy!!! It is delicious meat-lots of flavor and perfect any way you cook it! So far we have enjoyed a variety of steaks, plus had a London Broil (incredible!!!) and lots of ground beef.  The ground beef is a perfect amount of meat to fat, it doesn't shrink up to nothing and makes amazing burgers and tacos.  We will definitely be back once our freezer is empty!!"     C.A.H.  Renton, WA. 


"Hi Amy & Jim ..... after some time and opportunity to indulge in the beef you sold us  .... just one word  ...  awesome. Thank You".         M.J.  Fox Island, WA.   


"I am so spoiled, this is the only meat I will eat. Not only is the meat tender and lean and extremely tasty, they treat the cows humanely. This is something that matters to me, as factory farms take over our food supply, I appreciate knowing where my food is coming from" K.M. Bellingham, WA.


"The meat is very tasty and lean. I will be getting all of my burger from there from now on. Will look into getting some steaks possibly in the future. If the steak is anything like the burger, it will be a smart buy. Very impressed." S.L. Stanwood, WA.


"We purchase 1/4 beef and the meat quality is amazing.
We have eaten hamburger, chuck roast, sirloin steak, T-Bone steak and everything is wonderful. Thank you so much. We will order again." G.P. Seattle, WA.


"Bought ground beef recently and it was fantastic! This is a great family owned beef farm that takes pride in quality." K.S.R. Stanwood, WA.


"Recently purchased hamburger from here...absolutely wonderful!! Great flavor and lean, will most definitely purchase from Triple A Cattle Co. again." S.S. Stanwood, WA.


"We purchased a 1/2 cow and 1/2 pig. This was the 4th cow purchase we have made from deferent places and the 1st from Triple A Cattle Company, this is by far the most flavorful beef ever and the customer service was amazing (Thanks Amy). The pork has amazing flavor as well. Will definitely purchase again next year." B.S. Ferndale, WA.


"This was our first time buying meat directly from the farmers, and WOW! What a great experience. Amazing customer service, and amazing meat! We picked up 100lbs of their 100% grass fed ground beef directly from Amy at her home. The meat was perfectly packaged in 1lb packages- very clean and easy to handle. Once we got home, we cooked up a couple of burgers to try out what we just purchased, and we couldn't be happier. The beef is delicious- very lean, yet sooo juicy and flavorful!! Thank you Triple A Cattle Company!!" A.B. Seattle, WA.


"We bought 1/2 beef this month. Excellent taste and quality. Will order again next year. Would recommend them to everyone" K.W.  Friday Harbor, WA.


"This past week we got 1/4 beef and 1/2 hog from Jim and Amy. We've had a chuck roast and cheeseburgers from the beef. Wow! The flavor and quality is fantastic! We will be ordering again - and probably a 1/2 next time! Thank you!"       K.S. Camano Island, WA.


"Excellent Beef. Excellent customer service. First Class all the way!" P.F. Marysville, WA.

Triple A Cattle Company